Aug 29,2014 110


15/~  favorite 48G songs - Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate (B4)

This chocolate is bittersweet
Your poison taste so good. Too good to not close my eyes.
Aug 28,2014 28280


getting outfit inspirations from anime characters

Aug 28,2014 327

v i t a l i t y .

Aug 28,2014 303947


Awwwwwwwww, the trust test. Love.

Aug 28,2014 703

hyuna‘s red in ‘pastel’ for anonymous

Aug 28,2014 42152


when you’re in class and the group of people behind you won’t shut up


Aug 8,2014 461

Meet red velvet cute maknae, Joy

Aug 8,2014 22


Watanabe Mayu (AKB48) | FLASH Special 2014.09/10 Issue (HQ)

Aug 1,2014 863

행복 ☆ JOY

Aug 1,2014 2

what in the actual fuck is that Red Velvet MV?