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Yoon Sena ⇝ episode 4
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Portraits of Birds Ruffling with Personality by Leila Jeffreys

Sep 29,2014 1412

Playing charades → Taeyeon acting out the word ‘Ahjumma’

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The sweetest thing

LOL I imagine Jay-Z probably tells the funniest dad jokes.

this is so cute

Sep 28,2014 342


All of my compact brooches from the AMAZING Starlight Studio!

They’re all only $25 (they’re usually a bit more expensive on eBay, so I recommend going on Etsy). The customer service is incredible, too; shipping is free and the package usually arrives a few days after you order it. I have all of their compacts now, but if they ever release a new one, I’ll definitely buy it!

NOTE: The Crystal Star compact on the left is the old version and is no longer in stock. They’ve replaced it with the one on the right.

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SCAN 【Numero tokyo】6p